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Archive for month: March, 2015

Total Solar Eclipse on March 20, 2015 in the Faroe Islands

Total Solar Eclipse Faroe Islands
20 Mar 2015 / in News

Faroe Islands. 09:42am. The solar eclipse is about to reach totality. the last rays of the sun and the moon moves across the sun. A last ray called the “diamond ring” and the moon’s shadow bathes photographers from around the world in complete darkness. The day turns night in the midst of morning. But the […]

Shanghai Tower, Park Hyatt and cityscapes

Shanghai Tower and Park Hyatt
14 Mar 2015 / in News

When I came to Shanghai this last November the Shanghai center was still under construction and quite a bit of the outer skin still needed to be placed. I was very surprised to see the building on the outside almost finished when I visited Shanghai this February. The tower makes for a photographers highlight and […]