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Shanghai at sunrise and after nightfall

Pudong Shanghai
15 Feb 2015 / in News

This is just a brief update to my collection of Shanghai cityscapes. Adventures stories go along in getting the Nanpu bridge shots 😉 Enjoy the pics.

Some more of Tokyo

Tokyo street action
25 Jan 2015 / in News

On a two day trip to Tokyo I basically only had on photo opportunity as my time was limited to two hours including taxi ride. Besides it was pouring down! So I chose the International Forum famous for its contemporary architecture. On the way there I fought some street action and back in the hotel […]

Vintage Car Shooting Nr. 4

Vintage Car Shoot
23 Dec 2014 / in News

Uhhh … this was an exciting vintage car shoot. Not only did I have the opportunity to shoot to beautiful cars but I could do it in an outrageous location. The shooting was quite challenging as it was freezing cold in the derelict building and the light conditions were quite challenging too. The reflections in […]

Cologne on the fly-by

Cologne Cathedral (Dom)
19 Nov 2014 / in News

This is another story of being ready when an opportunity comes up. As mentioned on other occasion I travel whenever possible with my camera. And I try to use every opportunity to snap a cityscape. Having been to Cologne for an all day meeting I first did not expect that there will be a chance […]

Paris – View from Tour Montparnasse and Les Docks

Paris, View from Tour Montparnasse
05 Nov 2014 / in News

Well here I am in Paris again. On the way to a dinner appointment I had a short hour to spare and Tour Montparnasse was right on my way. So for the first time since coming to Paris – which by now must have been over 30 times – I made it up to the […]


The Coliseum Rome
04 Oct 2014 / in News

Here are just a few shots from a family weekend in Rome. A couple sites had to be shot one of which was the Colosseum and the other the Spiral stairs of the Vatican Museums, designed by Giuseppe Momo in 1932. To shoot the spiral steps without any tourists in the photo and without a tripod […]

And a quick visit to Los Angeles

Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles
06 Sep 2014 / in News

After Chicago my visit to LA was even shorter. I arrived at night and knew I could only hit one location to get a downtown LA shot. With LA traffic I quickly realized that there was no such thing as a blue hour shot, I sat in the car during the most beautiful sunset and […]

A brief visit to Chicago

06 Sep 2014 / in News

When last in the US I knew I only had one evening and one early morning to shoot in Chicago. To be prepared and know what I wanted to shoot I looked for some location information on the net and came across a kindle e-book called “The photographer’s Guide to Chicago” which proved to be […]

A stormy and rainy Saturday night in downtown Shanghai

Shanghai Downtown
10 Aug 2014 / in News

When I travel to large cities I am always out for some cityscape shooting … unless there is a nasty thunderstorm as there was during my last visit to shanghai. Luck had it though that I had a room with a perfect view … took me some negotiating with the staff on check in 😉 […]

Flying Approach into Hong Kong and a cityscape

Hong Kong
10 Aug 2014 / in News

I fly a lot for business … and I greatly enjoy it. Approaches to airports near large cities are especially exciting for a photographer. Quite often the light is as formidable as it was during my landing approach into Hong Kong. Admittedly one has to be lucky to land around sunset to get such dramatic […]