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Tag Archive for: Cityscapes

Frankfurt Skyline

Frankfurt Skyline
07 Jul 2015 / in News

When living in Europe and Skylines are a passion then you can’t get around the Frankfurt skyline. Frankfurt with its many bridges, the Main river and the modern financial district makes for gray scenery for panoramic photos. And while one is out there on a beautiful summer night what better opportunity to have a cool […]

Cologne on the fly-by

Cologne Cathedral (Dom)
19 Nov 2014 / in News

This is another story of being ready when an opportunity comes up. As mentioned on other occasion I travel whenever possible with my camera. And I try to use every opportunity to snap a cityscape. Having been to Cologne for an all day meeting I first did not expect that there will be a chance […]

A stormy and rainy Saturday night in downtown Shanghai

Shanghai Downtown
10 Aug 2014 / in News

When I travel to large cities I am always out for some cityscape shooting … unless there is a nasty thunderstorm as there was during my last visit to shanghai. Luck had it though that I had a room with a perfect view … took me some negotiating with the staff on check in 😉 […]

Flying Approach into Hong Kong and a cityscape

Hong Kong
10 Aug 2014 / in News

I fly a lot for business … and I greatly enjoy it. Approaches to airports near large cities are especially exciting for a photographer. Quite often the light is as formidable as it was during my landing approach into Hong Kong. Admittedly one has to be lucky to land around sunset to get such dramatic […]

Singapore – a city of beauty

Singapore Marina Bay Sands Laser Show
05 Apr 2014 / in News

I haven’t been to Singapore in at least ten years. Having seen pictures of the new and modern bay area I was really looking forward to have the opportunity to travel to Singapore and – as mentioned in my last post – take my version of shots seen many times over. When preparing for Singapore […]

Shanghai, Yan’an elevated and the city

Shanghai, Yan'an elevated and the city
31 Mar 2014 / in News

Been to Shanghai again for Business. Those of you that have read my post on Japan (with a couple of Shanghai pics) know that I have met this young photographer. His name (English version) is Jingle. When I knew I would be back to Shanghai for business I let him know and asked if he […]

Tokyo all over ;-) … and a couple Shanghai pics – do you find them?

Japan - Mounts Fuji at sunset from plain
03 Feb 2014 / in News

I was back in Tokyo and did a little side trip to Shanghai. Having been to Tokyo a couple time before within the past year and knowing that I would have some spare time I knew what I wanted to shoot and I also realized that the opportunity would be perfect as it was just […]


The Plague Doctor
06 Oct 2013 / in News

After hiking the Dolomites and having a great time at an alpine Spa Hotel my wife and I needed a couple days in a humming Italien city to get used to civilization again. We chose Venice. There is not much to say about Venice as you probably all know more about this city then I […]

And Paris yet again!

Paris - Eiffel Tower up close
14 Sep 2013 / in News

Here are a few photos from my last trip to Paris where I not only had the opportunity to dine in the fine Restaurant up on the Eiffel Tower but was able to have guided Tour of one of the Tower’s elevator shafts that was under reconstruction. Amazing and breathtaking is all I can say.

And … also back in Tokyo

Tokyo Tower
09 Aug 2013 / in News

Tokyo is as well one of the cities I get to visit more often for business. This time around I had again just a couple hours to spend for my hobby. In prior research through some tourist sites I found Mori Tower in Ropongi Hills to be a perfect location for my plan. I was […]