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Vintage Car Shooting Nr. 4

Vintage Car Shoot
23 Dec 2014 / in News

Uhhh … this was an exciting vintage car shoot. Not only did I have the opportunity to shoot to beautiful cars but I could do it in an outrageous location. The shooting was quite challenging as it was freezing cold in the derelict building and the light conditions were quite challenging too. The reflections in […]

Vintage Car Shooting Nr. 3

1959 Cadillac Serie 62 convertible
23 Jan 2014 / in News

This is another short story of seeing an opportunity and going for it. We recently went to the Riverside Hotel in Glattfelden Switzerland. A very nice hotel with very welcoming staff. We realized that they currently run a US vintage car show and asked if we could go and have a look at the cars. […]

Vintage Car Shooting Nr. 2

Volkswagen Beetle
16 Apr 2013 / 0 Comments / in Uncategorized

My friends at recently had their spring event with an outing and a photo shoot. Based on my first vintage car shooting with them I was asked to come and do the photo shooting at this event. My daughter who is a gifted youg photographer joined in and together we had a great time with these […]

Vintage Car Shooting

Peerless GT2 2.0, 1959
10 Dec 2012 / 14 Comments / in News

If you look at my website you easily might ask yourself “what is actually the main focus here”? I can openly admit – I don’t know yet! But then again – I don’t care 😉 I currently simply enjoy doing all kinds of different things, trying out different techniques, facing different challenges and to just […]