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Aareschlucht (Aar gorge)

Aar Gorge
01 Aug 2013 / in News

The Aar Gorge (German: Aareschlucht) is a section of the river Aar that carves through a limestone ridge near the town of Meiringen. The gorge is an indirect product of glaciation; 10,000 years ago, just as the Ice Age (not the movie 😉 ) was coming to an end, torrential runoff water from melting glaciers eroded a deep, narrow chasm through the limestone […]

Rhine River

Young ducks on the Rhine River
30 Jul 2013 / in News

Summers along the Rhine River are simply beautiful. And having friends with a boat on the river is the best way to spend a wonderful evening. Here are just a few impressions.

Blackwater River / Schwarzwasser

Black Water River, Berne, Switzerland
23 Sep 2012 / 0 Comments / in Uncategorized

I just started to work close to Berne, Switzerland. The countryside around Berne is beautiful. Balckwater River or with its correct Swiss name “Schwarzwasser” has cast a beautiful gorge into the land. In places one finds beautiful glacial garvings in the rock bed of the river. Enjoy!

Rhine Falls / Rheinfall

Rhine Falls, Neuhausen a. Rhf., Switzerland
12 Aug 2012 / 8 Comments / in Uncategorized

I was born and raised just about 5km away from the “Rheinfall”. For many years I regarded the falls simply as a photographic object for tourist and postcards. I never really took the time to try to find a unique way to capture it until this year. Attached are just a few of the pictures […]