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The Plague Doctor
06 Oct 2013 / in News

After hiking the Dolomites and having a great time at an alpine Spa Hotel my wife and I needed a couple days in a humming Italien city to get used to civilization again. We chose Venice. There is not much to say about Venice as you probably all know more about this city then I […]


Dolomites - early morning moon rise
06 Oct 2013 / in News

I recently spent a few days together with my wife in the Dolomites, Italy. The Dolomites are a mountain range located in north-eastern Italy. It is a part of Southern Limestone Alps and extends from the River Adige in the west to the Piave Valley in the east. The northern and southern borders are defined by the Puster Valley and the Sugana […]


London with Themes River and The Shard
18 Sep 2013 / in News

Here is just a quick one. While in Londen for a one day business meeting I could take a couple shots of the surroundings and a couple more from the plane on the way home. Shot with with my EOS-M a camera which I really enjoy.

And Paris yet again!

Paris - Eiffel Tower up close
14 Sep 2013 / in News

Here are a few photos from my last trip to Paris where I not only had the opportunity to dine in the fine Restaurant up on the Eiffel Tower but was able to have guided Tour of one of the Tower’s elevator shafts that was under reconstruction. Amazing and breathtaking is all I can say.

Bournemouth Air Festival

Bournemouth Air Festival - B-17 Sally-B, Flying Fortress
09 Sep 2013 / in News

The Bournemouth Air Festival is an annual air show held along the coast at Bournemouth, in Dorset, England. It has featured aircraft from the Royal Air Force and the Royal Navy, as well as civil aviation displays.. See their official website here. It was a blast to see these great performances which I guess reasons why I show way […]

Crazy Skies over Schwarzenburg

"Crazy" Skies over Schwarzenburg
15 Aug 2013 / in News

Just a quick one. We had some pretty dramatic sunsets and “burning” skies lately here in Schwarzenburg Switzerland. Whenever that happens I have to grab my camera and head out to shoot. Here are a few examples.

And … also back in Tokyo

Tokyo Tower
09 Aug 2013 / in News

Tokyo is as well one of the cities I get to visit more often for business. This time around I had again just a couple hours to spend for my hobby. In prior research through some tourist sites I found Mori Tower in Ropongi Hills to be a perfect location for my plan. I was […]

Aareschlucht (Aar gorge)

Aar Gorge
01 Aug 2013 / in News

The Aar Gorge (German: Aareschlucht) is a section of the river Aar that carves through a limestone ridge near the town of Meiringen. The gorge is an indirect product of glaciation; 10,000 years ago, just as the Ice Age (not the movie 😉 ) was coming to an end, torrential runoff water from melting glaciers eroded a deep, narrow chasm through the limestone […]

Rhine River

Young ducks on the Rhine River
30 Jul 2013 / in News

Summers along the Rhine River are simply beautiful. And having friends with a boat on the river is the best way to spend a wonderful evening. Here are just a few impressions.

Back in Paris

Le Louvre, Paris
28 Jul 2013 / in News

Once again I visited Paris on one of my business trips. I arrived around 8pm and knew I had to focus on basically one site to take photos. In walking partially to and all the way back to the site there were a few photographic opportunities I took along as all. My target for the […]