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Paris revisited

Paris La Defense
04 Aug 2015 / in News

When one revisits cities you either try to get pictures of locations you have been shooting before … but in better light or else you try something new. I’m constantly trying to keep things interesting by finding new locations. La Defense in Paris has been on my list of locations to shoot for a long […]

Frankfurt Skyline

Frankfurt Skyline
07 Jul 2015 / in News

When living in Europe and Skylines are a passion then you can’t get around the Frankfurt skyline. Frankfurt with its many bridges, the Main river and the modern financial district makes for gray scenery for panoramic photos. And while one is out there on a beautiful summer night what better opportunity to have a cool […]

The Rhinefalls

25 Jun 2015 / in News

Just a couple shots of the Rhinefalls with its recent high water levels. Wanted to test the new panorama feature in Lightroom. It works fantastic!

Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau next to the Gantrisch

Eiger, Mönch, Jungfrau and Gantrisch
24 Jun 2015 / in News

Here is a first test of the new Lightroom CC pano feature. I’m delighted. It work smooth and quite straight forward. And it’s fast!

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls
11 Jun 2015 / in News

On a recent trip to Toronto I had the opportunity to make a short stop over at Niagara Falls. Having been born and raised right next to the largest water falls in Europe the Rhinefalls I always believed that I have seen al “Grandeur* of waterfalls. After seeing Niagara falls I had to learn that […]

Toronto and Absolute World – Marilyn Monroe Towers in Mississauga

Toronto Skyline
10 Jun 2015 / in News

Toronto is a city with a beautiful skyline. The time during my visit was too short to go out to the islands which would have allowed a better skyline view with the Roger’s Center. So all I could do was to drive out the the harbor side and shoot from there. I’m still please with […]


Lyon Cityscape
02 Jun 2015 / in News

Lyon is a beautiful city. With the Saone and Rhine river flowing through the city center there are many beautiful places especially on a worm and nice summer night. Little Paris as the taxi driver called it … and no, the tower you see on one of the pictures is definitely not the Eiffel Tower […]

Nepal – the Beauty lies within

19 May 2015 / in News

After a first trekking in 2011 to Mount Kilimanjaro, my wife and I decided that it was time for a new adventure. We chose the Annapurna Circle and were rewarded with a wonderful tour with great new friends in a breathtaking scenery with the most adorable and caring people. The following picture says it best […]

Total Solar Eclipse on March 20, 2015 in the Faroe Islands

Total Solar Eclipse Faroe Islands
20 Mar 2015 / in News

Faroe Islands. 09:42am. The solar eclipse is about to reach totality. the last rays of the sun and the moon moves across the sun. A last ray called the “diamond ring” and the moon’s shadow bathes photographers from around the world in complete darkness. The day turns night in the midst of morning. But the […]

Shanghai Tower, Park Hyatt and cityscapes

Shanghai Tower and Park Hyatt
14 Mar 2015 / in News

When I came to Shanghai this last November the Shanghai center was still under construction and quite a bit of the outer skin still needed to be placed. I was very surprised to see the building on the outside almost finished when I visited Shanghai this February. The tower makes for a photographers highlight and […]