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Tokyo all over ;-) … and a couple Shanghai pics – do you find them?

Japan - Mounts Fuji at sunset from plain
03 Feb 2014 / in News

I was back in Tokyo and did a little side trip to Shanghai. Having been to Tokyo a couple time before within the past year and knowing that I would have some spare time I knew what I wanted to shoot and I also realized that the opportunity would be perfect as it was just […]

And … also back in Tokyo

Tokyo Tower
09 Aug 2013 / in News

Tokyo is as well one of the cities I get to visit more often for business. This time around I had again just a couple hours to spend for my hobby. In prior research through some tourist sites I found Mori Tower in Ropongi Hills to be a perfect location for my plan. I was […]

Shinkansen Bullet Train – Japan

Shinkansen Bullet Train, Tokyo Station
29 Nov 2012 / 18 Comments / in News

Here are a few more bullet trains. I have to admit that I’m very impressed with this train. We here in Switzerland do have quite a good train system too, but when you then see what the Japanese do in terms of train systems and connections – that is simply impressive. An example: I had […]

Japan – a quick visit

Tokyo Tower
29 Nov 2012 / 0 Comments / in News

Just came home from a business trip to Japan. I thought I share with you a few pics I squeezed in with what otherwise was a busy time schedule. Between meetings and dinner I quickly ran off to take a few shots from Tokyo Tower. The tower itself is quite iconic and would make for […]