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Paris revisited

Paris La Defense
04 Aug 2015 / in News

When one revisits cities you either try to get pictures of locations you have been shooting before … but in better light or else you try something new. I’m constantly trying to keep things interesting by finding new locations. La Defense in Paris has been on my list of locations to shoot for a long […]

And Paris yet again!

Paris - Eiffel Tower up close
14 Sep 2013 / in News

Here are a few photos from my last trip to Paris where I not only had the opportunity to dine in the fine Restaurant up on the Eiffel Tower but was able to have guided Tour of one of the Tower’s elevator shafts that was under reconstruction. Amazing and breathtaking is all I can say.

Back in Paris

Le Louvre, Paris
28 Jul 2013 / in News

Once again I visited Paris on one of my business trips. I arrived around 8pm and knew I had to focus on basically one site to take photos. In walking partially to and all the way back to the site there were a few photographic opportunities I took along as all. My target for the […]


Eiffel Tower, Paris
11 Jun 2013 / 0 Comments / in News

A night in Paris around the Eiffel Tower! Sorry, but I’m running a bit short of time to write more. Enjoy anyway 😉