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Shanghai Tower, Park Hyatt and cityscapes

Shanghai Tower and Park Hyatt
14 Mar 2015 / in News

When I came to Shanghai this last November the Shanghai center was still under construction and quite a bit of the outer skin still needed to be placed. I was very surprised to see the building on the outside almost finished when I visited Shanghai this February. The tower makes for a photographers highlight and […]

Shanghai at sunrise and after nightfall

Pudong Shanghai
15 Feb 2015 / in News

This is just a brief update to my collection of Shanghai cityscapes. Adventures stories go along in getting the Nanpu bridge shots 😉 Enjoy the pics.

A stormy and rainy Saturday night in downtown Shanghai

Shanghai Downtown
10 Aug 2014 / in News

When I travel to large cities I am always out for some cityscape shooting … unless there is a nasty thunderstorm as there was during my last visit to shanghai. Luck had it though that I had a room with a perfect view … took me some negotiating with the staff on check in 😉 […]

Shanghai, Yan’an elevated and the city

Shanghai, Yan'an elevated and the city
31 Mar 2014 / in News

Been to Shanghai again for Business. Those of you that have read my post on Japan (with a couple of Shanghai pics) know that I have met this young photographer. His name (English version) is Jingle. When I knew I would be back to Shanghai for business I let him know and asked if he […]

Tokyo all over ;-) … and a couple Shanghai pics – do you find them?

Japan - Mounts Fuji at sunset from plain
03 Feb 2014 / in News

I was back in Tokyo and did a little side trip to Shanghai. Having been to Tokyo a couple time before within the past year and knowing that I would have some spare time I knew what I wanted to shoot and I also realized that the opportunity would be perfect as it was just […]


28 Apr 2007 / 0 Comments / in Uncategorized

China is so different from Western Europe where I live. Because it is another world one could take pictures all day long. This is actually what my daughters and I have done during a four week tour through the country. Together we had well over 4000 pictures. To me the best way to showcase China […]